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Event Technology Buyer's Guide for Associations
Find the best match for your association’s budget and event goals.

Buying event technology can be overwhelming–but it doesn't have to be. This guide contains the essential information you need to select your next (or first) event technology vendor with confidence, including:

  • Common association tech requirements. Discover how associations use technology to create amazing attendee experiences and deliver value to sponsors.
  • Buying mistakes to avoid. Get tips from experienced association event planners on what to watch out for when choosing an event tech vendor.
  • How to make sense of event technology pricing. Use this list of questions to uncover what’s included (and what’s not!) so you can avoid surprises and hidden costs.
  • Uses for event tech that go beyond conferences. Learn about new ways event technology can help improve member retention and attract more sponsors.
  • Inspiration from buyers who’ve been in your shoes. Get advice from association event organizers on making sense of your options and choosing the right one.
Event Technology Buyer's Guide for Associations

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